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Susie Hays, Town and County Club (Hartford, CT):

Everybody loved, loved, loved your talk. And I really appreciate how kind you were to the young folks at the table – I think you’ve made their year – and to all of the “grandmothers” and “grandfathers” who were so eager to speak with you.


Shirley Herring, Belfair Golf Club (Bluffton, SC):

Thank you and Tucker again for arranging for Dylan Dethier to make the presentation to Belfair members last evening.   What an amazing young man with an incredible story!  We really enjoyed his presentation, and I have just finished the prologue and 1st chapter in his book and he is a wonderful writer.  He has a way with words that is truly enjoyable and brings out many emotions as I read his book.  After only 23 pages I have already chuckled and cried.  Dylan has an incredible future ahead and we wish him our best.